Yes, press kits are important. For some reason, press kits happen to be that one action-oriented detail most individuals overlook. Even though press kits are essential and highly effective for a band’s career. Kits are easily thrown by the wayside.

Record label executives will either approve and offer recommendations to other artists. Or even pass around the press kit from AR individual to other representatives. This is how a band may hear from a record label they have never come in contact with before.

Foremost, demo CDs, autographed photos, statistics of a band’s current songs in the charts and etc. are important markers to place within a kit. These may seem like small milestones but, they count.

Booking agents have a singular job when it comes to writing and organizing a well-rounded press kit. First off, hiring someone to write an impressive introduction and a biography of how the band started. As well as a general conclusion as to why the band should be booked for this radio station or T.V. segment.

The photo below is a great layout example of an electronic press kit that is ready to be sent to various record labels, venues, and more.

A press kit can also act as a tour cross-promotional tool to help up-and-coming bands find an opening slot on worldwide tours.

Secondly, a press kit is a presentation of the band… this is where the image becomes the focal point. Be sure to insert or link live videos of shows recently performed. Have all the information up to date as much as possible, and band photos are still a big thing.

Thirdly, find someone (a writer) who can craft a compelling statement while being honest. This can be about who the band consists of, and the band’s vision for their own career (typically compiled into 2 or 3 sentences). Adding a touch of personal appeal can be an advantage. For instance, Madonna was about growing and exploring her sexuality without fault. Or as of recent The Chainsmokers who combined EDM and Pop music. Where their songs discuss relationships, daily obstacles in life and being a young millennial.

One general rule of thumb comes into play, write about a band’s strengths. This will help craft an electronic press kit. Each kit will be different, one may focus more on a band’s visual persona and another may focus on a band’s message to their audience.



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