There will be many areas that booking agents will face while managing other artists’ gigs, but it isn’t just about getting them there to perform. Being a booking agent is a lot harder than you think, and you will all need guidance and assistance when it comes to helping band members stay focused to communicate with each other and be more organised.

Here are multiple things that Gixtra can simplify for you booking agents:

  • Time ⏰
  • Address ?
  • Subs ?
  • Fees ?
  • Setlist ?
  • Line-up ????
  • Car Pool ?
  • Tech Rider ?

As these are listed on the Gixtra website, many of you might still be wondering how these are simplified with Gixtra. Well, that’s simple. With Gixtra, it will help relieve the stress of managing all of these different tasks in order to get to your gig. With using Gixtra, you will be able to:

  • Communicate with each member properly ?
  • This save each member a lot of time ⌚️
  • Time can be used for creating more music! ?
  • Stay on top of each gig ☝️
  • All information, including: address. fees, car pooling, set-list, tech rider etc will be kept track of ?‍?

All the information will be listed in the software to help you booking agents and musicians focus on the music at hand, and worrying a lot less on the organisation aspect of things.

Not only that, but a lot more will be easier for booking agents and musicians specifically for the calendar, information, booking and billing all made easier. Whenever a gig is set up, it will appear in the calendar, but if the gig happens to be cancelled, it won’t even show up anymore – letting you forget about worrying about it. The time of soundcheck, address, set-list, and all that good stuff will all be together to be viewed by the agent and members.

Also, when it comes to the most important thing, the gig; every member of the band will be able either participate or cancel with Gixtra. Everyone will be able to view this accordingly, and nothing goes unseen by anyone. Gixtra will secure the travel costs as well, and enter the earned fee for the band, so all of the financial data is in one place – perfect!

Gixtra starts at just € 9,99/month and you can try it for free now. ⭐️

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