As a booking agent, you all are going to need one main thing to help you stay organised, especially working with other musicians for a living: Communication is KEY when it comes to speaking with each other, and knowing where the gigs are, where to meet, and when to set up. All of that good stuff.

A lot of issues that you will have with band members is simple:

  • Getting to the gig on time ⏰
  • Finding each other in the right area ?
  • Texting each other will get confusing to keep track of conversation ?
  • Everyone not arriving at the right time stated ?
  • Transportation for everyone will be difficult if not agreed upon ?
  • Where to meet up before going to the venue ?
  • + more

It’s a given that these issues will surface and more if not taken the time to communicate properly with each other, especially to you as the booking agent. What Gixtra will do different for you compared to other systems for sending and receiving messages is simple – simplicity.

What Gixtra can do for you as a booking agent to make communicating with band members easy:

  • Band members are notified automatically when a message is received
  • Band members are requested to reply ASAP
  • Replies are all collected in Gixtra
  • Booking agent will be able to see all responses from each member
  • Whoever needs replying still will be visible to see
  • Everything is tied together as one which makes it connected and easier to keep track of
  • Helpful for both the booking agent and all of the members to stay on track of communicating properly

As you can see, Gixtra is not only beneficial to the booking agent, but it helps keep each member of the band on top of their responses while tying everything together. Unlike e-mails and texting, Gixtra supplies a professional way to keep up with messages and keep all responses connected into one. This makes it easier to see who needs responding and which members will be able to make the gig, what time to arrive at, and where the venue will be located at. If that doesn’t motivate you to try Gixtra, there is a 30 day free trial to see if it’s right for you. We guarantee that you’ll be satisfied!

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