Yes, as a booking agent this area of expertise will be needed and appreciated. When it comes to “fan clubs” most people cringe or think back to the classic era of Beatlemania. However, this is not the mid-1960’s and the world has evolved towards digital downloads. With that being stated, the internet can be used to interact with a band’s fan club.

Capturing a moment via a smartphone eventually becomes free promotion. Being able to share, like and showcase a favorite song or an exciting music moment.

Consider the picture above, for instance: A fan can capture or record a moment, post it to Instagram and tag the band. Now the band can choose to repost that image or video, showing that a fan’s support is appreciated. This can help to build rapport with fans and make them feel a part of the family. Another reason for reposting on Facebook or Instagram is to show that the band cares about their fans and is encouraging their creativity.

Nowadays a “fan club” consists of millions of individuals who digitally download a recent album release, enjoy internet acoustic numbers, or participate in secret ticket giveaways before attending a concert at a venue. There is a lot of organized work that goes into keeping these “fan clubs” afloat. Below is a subtle list of what is usually entailed with a “fan club”:

  • First access to ticket is based on particular venues
  • Giveaways
  • Intimate online shows (typically acoustic, however, some bands will put on a full on show)
  • Signed merch
  • Lyrical games to unlock clues that lead to B-sides
  • Access to unreleased material
  • First served based knowledge of music videos, up-and-coming performances on live t.v.
  • Digital download codes for a single track from a new album
  • V.I.P. packages for various tours

That is a mere fraction of what can encompass a “fan club”.

Another successful avenue is organizing “meet and greets”, which are insanely popular: merchandise will be signed, a photograph with the band, and a 5-minute meeting with the band. What does this do, one may ask. Well, many have seen these meetings via Instagram and they play a vital role. These meet and greets can either make or break a band, like the comparison details between meetings with Rihanna and Avril Lavigne… kind of brutal.

As a booking agent curating a “fan club” is a bit like crafting a press release. Yet, this will all be social media based: the more a band operates a steady online presence the more fans will feel connected. The more the band offers online gigs to say, 12 individuals who won a contest, the more this shows what the band is doing for their fans. The nice thing is, that this is not pure marketing or promotion: it implements a cause of action rather than a need to show off.

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