Booking a gig date for your artists is a lot harder than it seems, and organisation always has to be in order. Still, there are always problems that will arise while booking a gig that you will face and learn to fix along the way.

While booking a gig for an artist you have to keep in mind what type of gig you would like booked. Some gigs will provide little payment but be good publicity for your artist, while other shows will be sure of payment but possibly have a small crowd. You have to decide which types of gigs are worthy to your artistry and make note of the artists’ fan-base while getting them a gig to perform at.

Once you decide what type of gig your artists are performing at, this will make things run a lot more smoothly. Below are examples of the types of gigs that are out there, and depending on the fan-base, artists wants and needs, and what you are able to get, will pinpoint which type of gig to get.

  • Corporate Gig
  • Festival Gig
  • Showcase Gig
  • Gallery Gig
  • Venue Gig
  • Open Mic Gigs
  • House Party Gigs

Once you decide which type of gig your artists can handle and what type of gig they are ready and able to perform at, then that’s when the real decision making can go down. Once you do take action to book a gig though, there will always be issues that you are faced with and things to take note of while getting a gig for your artist.

Here are some troubles you might face while getting a gig for your artists:

  • Waiting for a response from the venue
  • Keeping track of other gig dates while booking a new date
  • Waiting for the response from other members of the band
  • Agreeing on the date with other members
  • Making sure you have the right payment for the gig to pay the artist
  • Tracking all the responses from each member once agreed or not agreed upon a gig.

That’s where we come in to help you to book a gig for your artists and make sure everything is organised accordingly to ensure a proper gig is booked and everyone is on board with performing. With Gixtra, artists are automatically notified of a new gig to perform at and are requested to reply immediately. Once the replies are all collected in Gixtra, the booker is always able to see the responses from each artist. This way, you will see who still needs to reply, who has already responded and everything is tied together as one which helps not only you out while organising a gig, but the artists as well to see who is down to perform. Try Gixtra now.

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